Queen Elizabeth Gets Some DEVASTATING NEWS – Pray For Her…

Queen Elizabeth was disrespected in front of the entire world over the weekend by the singer Rihanna, who paid tribute to the royal’s 91st birthday in a way that many have found to be “disrespectful.”

Daily Mail reported that as Queen Elizabeth celebrated her birthday, Rihanna took to Instagram to share four snaps in which her own sexy looks had the British monarch’s head attached. Though some people found the tribute funny, others branded Rihanna a “stupid little girl” for the “disrespectful” doctored images.

be humble.

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y'all chickens is ash and I'm lotion. 😂

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it's not that deep.

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“Its rude you know,” on outraged user wrote. “This is not funny. She’s someone’s grandma. Imagine if its yours… Maybe research her life before you take the piss, she had no choice to become the monarch, she’s not even entitled to have individual opinions or be an individual or even her own birth name!”

“She is forced to be the face of the church, common wealth and monarchy, government, she ain’t even allowed to vote or abstain from church rules because the her coronation where she took the oath…” the user added. “Rihanna doesn’t even know what respect means she’s trashy always will be… Offensive and sad the extent people go for attention… what do we expect to this pathetic illuminati puppet.,… Why are you taking the piss out of our queen?”

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