President Trump Will Not Stop With James Comey – LOOK WHO’S NEXT!!

President Trump is well on his way to making groundbreaking changes in the White House as he cannot tolerate any slacking or activity that slows his work. Trump vowed during the presidential campaign to do everything he could to this country great and prosperous again.

Firstly, Trump started with some of Obama’s holdovers who had been slowly eating Trump’s administration from within. These rats were trying to sabotage Trump’s cabinet by using any dishonest methods they could think of. Fortunately, Trump dealt with them properly.

Many were surprised to learn that Trump has fired FBI Director James Comey and liberals and Democrats condemned the president for his decision claiming the president ousted Comey because the FBI director was closing in on something big in his investigations. James Comey. Ultimately, Comey did not find anything worth showing, and Trump listed the reasons for his decision in his letter to Comey.

James Comey was sacked because the FBI have a habit of telling people that they are doing a great job. We all know that Comey was far from doing a great job, and liberals ought to stop pretending he was properly handling the investigations.

However, Comey may not be the only one to bite the dust. Alex Jones says that White House official spokesperson Sean SPicer will soon join Comey. He noted that this information was confirmed by his sources within the White House. and that Reince Priebus may also join the fired squad.

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