Pelosi and Schumer Get Ruined

Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi have been looking for a silver lining after Trump’s epic win and their humiliating defeat. They have not found a single one, though they celebrate every near miss. As if their new slogan is, “Democrats, losing by fewer votes than ever before.” But it’s over. Their defeat so bad that the biggest liberal in America just called for the dismantling of everything they spent years building. A total do-over.

Just like what Trump is doing for America, Bernie sanders wants for the Democrats. Remove the stench of failure from Schumer, Pelosi, and Obama forever.

Bernie Sanders went on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” and dropped a humiliating truth bomb on the failed democratic party. Sanders declared their model an abysmal failure.

Sanders said,

“Well, I think what is clear to anyone who looks at where the Democratic Party today is, that the model of the Democratic Party is failing.

We have a Republican president who ran as a candidate as the most unpopular candidate in modern history of this country.

Republicans control the House, the Senate, two-thirds of governor’s chairs and in the last eight years they have picked up 900 legislative seats. Clearly, the Democratic Party has to change.”

They won’t listen, Bernie, they like losing. Why don’t you work with Trump where you can rather than try to keep the doomed liberal ship afloat.

It’s doomed Bernie, you know it. He continued,

“And in my view what it has to become is a grassroots party, a party which makes decisions from the bottom on up, a party which is more dependent on small donations than large donations, a party, john, that speaks to the pain of the working class in this country.

The middle class is shrinking. 43 million people living in poverty,” he continued.

“Almost all new income and wealth is going to the top 1%. People can’t afford to send their kids to college. They can’t afford childcare. They can’t afford health care. The Democratic Party has to take the lead, rallying young people, working people, stand up to the billionaire class, and when we do that, you’re going to see voter turnout swell. You’re going to see people coming in and running for office. You’re going to see Democrats regain control of the United States Congress.”

Bernie all the things you speak about happened, it just happened with President Trump. Work with him and forget Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s party – or don’t you forget what they did to you?

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