The Obamas DON’T Want This Photo Of Malia At College To Get Out After What It Shows

When you are in the spotlight, the ‘public eye’ and are considered to be a role model to millions of young teens, it is your responsibility to behave in a respectable way. After all, you are being held to a higher standard than us regular folks. It goes with the territory- especially if your Dad is THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!

But the Obama’s have never been one’s to act respectable. It’s just not who they are. Sure Obama will act respectable when he has the Muslim Brotherhood or the BlackLivesMatters thugs to the White House- but that’s is extremely DISRESPECTFUL to the people that really matter.

Malia Obama was visiting Brown University in Rhode Island for a tour of the campus, and while she was there, the 17-year-old partied like a rock star! The underage girl was caught on Snapchat playing BEER PONG and drinking shots of alcohol.


Malia Obama plays beer pong at Brown University. (Photo: Snapchat screen grab/The Daily Caller)

Several people in attendance tweeted about the “experience”:

Many of the Twitter accounts have been taken down… I wonder why?~abeerpong1~amalia


You get the picture.

Sean Brown at Mad World News reports:

Yeah, we all know underage drinking happens in college dorms, since it’s college after all, but the president’s daughter having such a photo taken isn’t exactly the best thing on the planet. Does anybody remember what happened to the Bush twins when they were caught drinking underage? Let’s recap.

According to USAToday:

President Bush’s 19-year-old twin daughters were charged Thursday with underage alcohol offenses after an incident in a popular restaurant known for its Tex-Mex food and ice-cold margaritas.

It was the second alcohol-related citation against Jenna Bush in less than five weeks. Police accused Jenna Bush of attempting to buy alcohol with false identification and Barbara Bush of being a minor in possession of alcohol.

If you remember, the Secret Service came under fire for allowing them to both present a fake ID and possess alcohol underage. That’s not to mention, the story was plastered wall-to-wall on liberal media outlets across the nation, all in an attempt to make George Bush look bad. Do you think the same will happen this time around? I don’t.

The Obamas are untouchable, and the media likely won’t even go near this story because they don’t want to make him look bad. After all, they only skewer Republican presidents, everyone else seems to get a pass. So, make sure you share this if you’re tired of the glaring double standard in the mainstream media.

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