Obama Hints Of Moving To Kenya As He Cannot Live Under Trump’s Rule

Obama Hints Of Moving To Kenya As He Cannot Live Under Trump’s Rule ashington Dc–Immediate former President Barack Obama has now hinted of going back to his roots, Kenya. Addressing journalists on Tuesday morning, Obama said is thinking of going back to Kenya and look after his grandmother, Sara Obama who is at her old age. “I’m now free and i can go back to Kenya to take care of my grandmother. She is 97 years now and I cannot afford to rest here, i have to go and rescue her,” said Mr.Obama.

Responding to a news reporter on how he is feeling under the leadership of the newly elected President Donald Trump, Obama said; My life would be more better in Kenya where my grandmother is. Kenya is where my roots are.


Obama did not clarify when he will be leaving the country but his close allies revealed that the 44th President may leave anytime as from February.

Earlier on during Presidential campaigns, Obama had announced that he would move to Mexico should Trump wins.

Obama’s late father, Barack Obama Senior, was a Kenyan economist who married Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, in 1961. The marriage ended in divorce in 1964, and the former president only met his father a handful of times. But Obama referred to Sarah as “Granny” in his memoir Dreams from My Father and met with her and other extended family members during a 2015 presidential visit to the East African country.


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