Mike Huckabee Just Did Something to Disrespectful NFL Players That NOBODY Saw Coming

Mike Huckabee had an interview on Fox News’ “The Jeanine Pirro Show” Saturday night where he and Judge Jeanine spoke about the situation we are in with North Korea.

Before he got into a smackdown on North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, Huckabee had some BRUTAL words for NFL players disrespecting our flag by kneeling for the National Anthem at football games.

“Well Jeanine, by the way, I think a lot of Americans ought to be taking a knee, and taking a knee to thank GOD that Donald Trump is President with North Korea and Iran making the threats they are making.”

Huckabee just completely turned the narrative around on these disrespectful NFL players that are making Americans’ entertainment into a political circus. It’s despicable!

The former governor of Arkansas then dropped another bomb on establishment politicians that put party over country day in and day out and are responsible for getting us in this mess with dangerous foreign nations.

“Because with what we’ve been doing … both Democrat and Republican presidents for the last 25-30 years believing in somehow this magic diplomacy is going to make these animals calm down.”

There is far too much disrespect towards our President at a time when he is doing so many good things for our country! When will this liberal witch-hunt end!? 

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