After Liberals Call Trump ‘Dangerous,’ Sarah Sanders Shows Them How WRONG They Are

On a Wednesday interview on Fox & Friends, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders spoke with the hosts about a number of topics – the main one of course being the U.N. General Assembly which is ongoing in New York this week.

During the interview, the hosts bring up President Trump’s speech earlier in the week when he referred to Kim Jong-Un as ‘Rocket Man.’ Apparently, a number of liberals took issue with this reference – no surprise there since liberals tend to critique anything our President does.

When asked about the terminology used, Sanders SHUTS DOWN the mainstream media with one simple sentence…

“If the mainstream media thinks it’s bad, then most Americans probably like it.”


Just like that, Sanders obliterates the mainstream media and proves that Trump is not afraid to step out of the typical comfort zone in order to best serve the American people.

Hillary Clinton also took a break from her relentless book promotions to appear on the Stephen Colbert Show where she tried to make Trump look evil for his comments at the U.N. Clinton described the speech as “very dark, dangerous.”

“Everybody wants to talk about Donald Trump escalating things. He isn’t. North Korea is. But, we have to have somebody who is going to stand up and say ‘Enough is enough.’ The President is doing that. He’s going to protect Americans, protect our allies, and stand with our allies. And that’s what he was elected to do. And that’s what he’s going to do every single day.”

Wow! Another INCREDIBLE statement from our Press Secretary! She knows exactly what Trump is thinking, and she realizes how important our country is to him.

It is time for liberals to STOP criticizing our President for his courage to stand up for Americans! This is a President who will be tough and fight for our country. This demands PRAISE, not condemnation!


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