JUST IN: Liberals In PANIC MODE After Rachel Maddow GETS THE BOOT

NBC executives have really stepped in it as far as feminists and fans of Rachel Maddow are concerned.  Maddow was recently replaced as MSNBC anchor during the recent coverage of the U.S. led missile attack on Syria. Furious viewers have steadily been accusing the network of sexism and rampant misogyny after Brian Williams was put on the air as the replacement news anchor.

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All major networks immediately suspended their regularly scheduled nightly programming to interrupt when news of the missile strike broke and went to their breaking news teams.  Williams is the breaking news anchor for MSNBC currently.

Williams took over during Maddow’s 9 p.m. slot when news broke that the U.S. military fired more than 50 missiles at Syrian base in response to what it believes was a chemical weapons attack that killed more than 100 people. He then infuriated viewers even further with what one Twitter user described as “waxing poetic” regarding the missile strike, referring to them as “beautiful.”

Of course, Maddow is not without controversy of her own with her “scoop” that fell flat by releasing a mere two pages from a 2005 return for President Donald Trump. Rather than proving the claims made by the left in their accusations that President Trump had not paid his fair share of taxes, it served to prove the opposite. In fact, the sheer dollar value that Trump was shown to have paid in taxes in 2005 proved that the real estate mogul had actually paid his fair share of taxes…something that Hillary Clinton insinuated was not possible during her failed and embarrassing 2016 presidential campaign.

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This just goes to show you that outrage can be manufactured from the very slightest of offense by lunatic liberals and their unbelievable victimizing complex.  No matter the course of action, there will be at least one purveyor of the leftist ideology ready to pounce at an opportunity to shame someone.

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