HUGE NEW EMAIL LEAK: What Is Written In This Email Will Put Hillary In Prison…

Let’s start this off with this clip from the second debate.

It was the moment that won Trump the debate and it was the moment that Hillary Clinton realized that she should book her trip to another country before the election is over.

*** Then this happened…

Wikileaks dropped a new round of emails from John Podesta and this is not going to go well for Hillary Clinton.

Here is an email that was forwarded to John Podesta, Chairman of the Clinton campaign, this year. The email was sent by Erika Rottenberg and forwarded to Mr. Podesta. You can view the source here.


“I know when I talk to my friends who are attorneys we are all struggling with what happened to the emails and aren’t satisfied with answers to date. While we all know of the occasional use of personal email addresses for business, none of my friends circle can understand how it was viewed as ok/secure/appropriate to use a private server for secure documents AND why further Hillary took it upon herself to review them and delete documents without providing anyone outside her circle a chance to weigh in. It smacks of acting above the law and it smacks of the type of thing I’ve either gotten discovery sanctions for, fired people for, etc.”

That’s what we call a smoking gun. This should end Hillary Clinton in the public eye. It won’t. That’s why we need Trump.

*** It shows that Hillary Clinton reviewed and deleted the emails herself.

The entire government is compromised. We live in a fascist state where the elites of this country can do as they please.

If you are tired of this, then let’s EXPOSE this email to the entire world.

Share this 1 million times. We need to EXPOSE Hillary Clinton’s crimes to the world right now.

Thanks for your help, patriots, and God bless you.

H/T: Liberty Writers News

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