In First 2 Months In Office: Trump Reduced Debt By $100 Billion, But LOOK What Obama Did…

While former President Barack Hussein Obama is trying to actively sabotage Trump’s presidency in a silent coup, in an unprecedented move by a modern American President, Donald Trump has done what he does best and was once considered to be an impossibility by government establishment insiders.

He has managed to reduce the national debt by $100 billion dollars in less than two short months into his, what looks to be the beginning of an outstanding presidency.

By contrast, you can see Obama increased the debt by $400 Billion in his first two months of his presidency. Yup, he didn’t waste any time in his plan to bring the US to the level of the rest of the world.

Of course at this point in the disastrous Obama presidency, which has been the only president in US history to not be able to garner a GDP of over 3% annually. He had already thrown the most expensive inauguration in US history because you know, the color of your skin and your plumbing over the content of your character counts more nowadays. He had also signed that monstrous 1.5 trillion dollar stimulus package which only stimulated his fat cat buddies who put him in office in DC and Chicagoland. So technically this might not be considered a fair comparison if you reside in LaLa Land, otherwise known as the left side of the political spectrum.

Not sure how they will do it, but I’m sure the American Looney Left will find a way to turn this into a talking point against Trump, maybe they will say Trump hates underprivileged Fat Cats.

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