FBI Foils New York Terror Attack

The law enforcement agencies under President Trump has finally started to be proactive and work to deter any potential danger from terrorists or any other crime for that matter and the FBI has successfully thwarted a terror attack in NYC.

An American citizen of Pakistani origin intended to perpetrate Paris-style attacks on “heavily populated areas” in New York City, read a report by the FBI with Pakistani authorities.

The report, given over to the interior ministry for the extradition of the 18-year-old suspect Talha Haroon, claims that he, accompanied by an undercover agent,  “plotted to carry out deadly bombings in heavily populated areas of New York City in the name of the [IS]”.

According to the report, Haroon was stationed in Pakistan in April of 2016 and intended to carry out attacks on the New York Subway, Times Square and at a concert. The report also stated that Haroon had been affiliated with the Taliban but has sworn loyalty to ISIS.

Furthermore, the FBI statement said that the Islamic State took responsibility for the following terrorist assaults:  “On or about November 13, and 14, 2015 a group of attackers carried out attacks in Paris, France which killed approximately 130 people; On or about March 22, 2016, a group of attackers carried out bombings in Brussels, Belgium, which killed at least 32 people; On or about June 12, 2016, an attacker carried out a mass shooting at a nightclub in Orlando, Florida, killing approximately 49 people”.

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