Experts claim North Korea’s missiles on display were FAKE after noticing this

A few days ago in North Korea, a military parade to display military power was held in Pyongyang to commemorate the 105th birthday of Kim II-sung, the founder of the nation. However, several reports are circulating that suspect the rockets on display were duds.

image: BBC

As BBC’s John Sudworth was reporting the event, a series of military vehicles began to pass him. Most notably, a truck was carrying a rocket with a slightly askew nose cone, pointing upwards. This small but critically important aerodynamic detail led many to believe the weapon was a dummy.

Conflicting reports say that the tilt is actually normal for a booster stage rocket attached to a main rocket system.


Twitter was first to notice this anomaly and it erupted about how the missiles on display were fake. Check out some of the comments below, via The Daily Mail:

Despite North Korea not launching any of their weapons during yesterday’s event, it did showcase them during the military parade – serving as some sort of float so to speak.

Many experts are theorizing that the parade included a new series of short-range missiles which most likely will be used as the country’s defense for their shoreline.

Additionally, North Korea revealed their latest submarine-launched missile, which bears similarities to the same missiles that can be launched from land-based launchers, which operate on solid fuel and pose as a hard object to find and destroy before they even fire.

image: CNN

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