Democrats Caught In MAJOR New Scandal

New scandals of Democrat corruption are being revealed each day. The Democrats never expected Trump to win the election, and they failed to cover up their crimes — and Hillary’s are the worst of them all!
State Department officials under Hillary Clinton’s instructions are accused of threatening the prime minister of Bangladesh’s son with IRS audits in order to stop a government investigation into a Clinton Foundation donor. (via Daily Caller)

Mohammad Yurus is a professor who pioneered research in developmental economics. Based on his studies, the Bangladeshi legislature established a publicly-owned, independent bank and appointed Yurus as managing director.

The Garmeen Bank was the first financial institution to specialize in micro-finance, offering small loans to rural workers without requiring collateral.

The bank was lauded by foreign aid workers. Yurus and the Garmeen Bank shared a Nobel Peace Prize in 2006, with some help lobbying the Nobel Foundation by former president, Bill Clinton.

However, the Bangladeshi government suspected Yurus of abusing the bank he helped pioneer. In May 2012, the government launched an investigation into Yurus over accusations of financial mismanagement.

The commission behind the investigation accused Yurus of stealing almost $100 million from the community development bank. The micro-financing institution is not permitted to offer large business loans.
Yurus used the stolen money to finance his personal investment projects. After learning of the investigation, Yurus turned to his close friends, Bill and Hillary Clinton, for assistance.

Under Hillary’s instruction, officials from the State Department started harassing Sajeeb Wazed Joy, the son of the Bangladeshi prime minister. Joy is a permanent resident and had been living in America for 17 years at the time. Officials would call Joy and threaten to audit him unless he pressured his mother to drop the investigation.

“The threats came from all levels. It came from the U.S. Embassy in Bangladesh to pretty senior officials within the State Department,” Joy told reporters. He also explained how the Clintons were able to pressure the World Bank to withdraw a loan they had offered to help pay for the construction of an essential bridge in Bangladesh.

Yurus is a long time donor and friend of the Clinton Global Initiative. He regularly gives talks at Clinton galas, and has donated millions to the various Clinton charities.

Essentially, Hillary Clinton abused her power as Secretary of State to fulfill a favor for a Clinton donor preventing him from being punished for his corruption.

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