Congress Will Investigate Obama Associates Accused of “Wiretapping” Scandal!

According to Wall Street Journal, Congress has begun a full investigation to determine an identity of all incorporated into the “unmasking” of President Donald Trump and his associates. Congress is taking this case very serious, so Obama and his partners like Susan Rice should watch out. There had been already 3 subpoenas until this point, and it is likely there will be more.

Obama, Susan Rice and other their associates were made a special effort to get intel from President Trump and his closest associates using an insidious method of wiretapping them. This information’s were then revealed to media illegally by Susan Rice, bringing disorder and no confidence in the American system.

The only thing liberals desire to see is fall of President Trump, but that scenario is not going to happen. Congress will cooperate with President Trump to annihilate these deceivers. Because people of United States don’t merit it!

American patriots merit a political framework in which there are no suspicious backdoor acts that Obama and his associates were performing over the previous eight years.

It will require such a great amount of work to recover our nation and to change things on better, however, President Trump will demonstrate to us the right way. His biggest job is to secure our borders and not to allow bad people to enter our Great country.

When Congress is done with their examination concerning Obama and his representatives, we will be free from these individuals, so we can continue making America incredible once more. We need somebody like President Trump to help us get these criminals out of our nation.

We are so tired of the “shadow government” attacking Republicans since they have the power. It is a silly, like a child behavior, and we can no more handle it.

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