BREAKING: Trump Makes Sure Lady GaGa Will NEVER Do Another SuperBowl After Her Un-American Antics

While we were trying to enjoy the Superbowl this year, we were interrupted by Lady Gaga’s lame attempt at liberal patriotism. A prime example of how the libtards cannot get over the fact that Donald Trump is our president. Lady GaGa stood up in front of America and sang “This Land is Your Land,” as if any liberal could possibly be proud to be an American. It was an obvious cheap shot at us conservatives, President Trump and God.

To make matters worse, during her pathetic performance, she walked right past an entire crowd just to hug the one black woman she could find in a desperate attempt to show unity. Could you imagine how horrified that woman would have been had a nice conservative star like Ted Nugent had done that? Donald Trump quickly responded:

“Lady whoever you are, you are fired. You will never be allowed to perform the Superbowl again.”

It is nice to know we have a President who won’t allow this lovey-dovey lefty crap.

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