BREAKING: Traitor Just Discovered In Trump’s Security Detail Is Imminent Risk To His Life

What a senior U.S. Secret Service agent for President Trump’s security detail was discovered doing in October, has just exposed her as a possible traitor. Now, she’s under massive scrutiny and based on the terrifying details that have just been revealed, Trump’s life is at far greater risk than we realized.

Kerry O’Grady, the special agent in charge of the USSS Denver district, who has served for 23-years, was ushered into the position of protection as personal detail to our new president, despite her deep disdain for our leader. After given the position, she proved herself as a double agent, having expressed intentions of violating the Hatch Act.

According to the Washington Examiner, O’Grady is as avid supporter of Hillary Clinton and detractor of Trump’s. She expressed her allegiance to the failed female candidate on social media in October, implying she would rather go to jail than “take a bullet” for Trump. She also allegedly had plenty of other anti-Trump posts on her Facebook page that supported her statement in question.

“As a public servant for nearly 23 years, I struggle not to violate the Hatch Act,” O’Grady began her incriminating post that’s since been deleted but is under investigation. “So I keep quiet and skirt the median. To do otherwise can be a criminal offense for those in my position. Despite the fact that I am expected to take a bullet for both sides.” IJReview reports that the Hatch Act bars some federal employees from advocating for a partisan political party, group or candidate, which is exactly what the agent appeared to do in her next statement after showing extensive support for Clinton.

“But this world has changed and I have changed. And I would take jail time over a bullet or an endorsement for what I believe to be disaster to this country and the strong and amazing women and minorities who reside here. Hatch Act be damned. I am with Her.”

Although O’Grady doesn’t mention Trump by name, it’s easy to see he is who she is referring to as the “disaster” since the candidate on the other hand was referred by Clinton’s campaign slogan of “with her.”

O’Grady must have realized the huge error in her online statements since she deleted them and has since been on a mission of smoothing it over with the media. She told the Washington Examiner on Tuesday “it was an internal struggle for me but as soon as I put it up, I thought it was not the sentiment that I needed to share because I care very deeply about the mission.”

O’Grady has since retracted her statements, stressing that “in no way (she would) shirk her duties to protect the president because of her opposition to Trump’s candidacy and support for Clinton.” Perhaps the remorse isn’t a coincidence to being caught making statements against the duties of promising to protect our president. It’s convenient to say now, when you’re under the gun, that you would take the bullet. The Secret Service told the Examiner that they are “looking into” the posts and she’s still in her security position.

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