The liberal leftist hordes will cry after hearing the GOOD NEWS! FBI finally decided to make the things clear about the huge Russian-Trump scandal, or it is better to say the poor liberal’s try to discredit the President.

The boomerang hit em hard-Obama and his wiretapping scandal will determine the future of the corrupted Deep State that consumed most of the liberal Dems. Read more below:

The FBI just completed a month long investigation into the Trump / Russia connection that all the Democrats and mainstream media have been going crazy about. So, if you were looking for official proof that the whole thing is a load of bull, here it is…

The Daily Caller first broke this story. This is an excerpt from their website:

“More importantly, Circa’s report stresses that Americans routinely are incidentally intercepted when the FBI monitors foreign individuals like Russian embassy officials. Then-soon-to be National Security Adviser General Michael Flynn was an American who was incidentally intercepted during his conversations with the Russian ambassador to the U.S.

A warrant was not necessary to review his conversations because it was a national security matter and Flynn had a security clearance, sources told Circa

The calls and text messages from last December to the ambassador were essentially holiday wishes and condolences for tragedies that had happened in Russia at the time. Another conversation, via text message about talking on the phone, was about sanctions imposed on Russia by the Obama administration in late December.

 ‘But the message the American official gave was mostly that a new sheriff was about to take over the White House and Russians shouldn’t react to the new sanctions in a way that would foreclose better dialog in the future under a Trump administration, sources said,’ Circa reported.”

Huh, so you mean that instead of talking to them about hacking the election in exchange for sanctions being reduced that they were told the exact opposite? Wow, who would of thought.

Now, maybe we can put this thing to rest, but before we do, remember this… it wasn’t just the media and the Dems that were calling for investigations — it was the GOP elite, too! Specifically, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, and Paul Ryan. Please remember that when these men are up for election again!

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