BREAKING: Muslim Refugees Kidnap Children In Oklahoma And Cut Them To Pieces In Front Of Their Parents. Would You Support Trump If He Hang Them All?

BREAKING: Muslim Refugees Kidnap Children In Oklahoma, Cut Them To Pieces In Front Of Their Parents. Would You Support Death Penalty For Them?

ISIS Muslim terrorists kidnap a number of children and cut them to pieces. They then put the body parts in front of their parent’s home, and they also left a video alongside. The parents, already sunken into the depths of despair, played the video only to see footage of their children being raped before getting butchered. As we read in

One account told of a couple whose children had been captured by ISIS militants. When they answered their door one day, they found a plastic bag on their doorstep. It contained the body parts of their daughters and a video of them being raped and tortured.

Such horrors are not just happening in the Middle East or in the Islamic world, but they are occurring at a very intense degree in Mexico.

A woman tried to sell her own daughter to the Mexican cartel so that they could take her body parts in exchange for money. This is how evil and dark the world is becoming. Thank God for a local Christian orphanage who rescued the girl from the satanic cartel. interviewed Chuck Bays, a Christian missionary who works with the orphanage, on this horrific story:

This is just one story out of countless others. A thousand cries are heard, and so many innumerable exclamations go unrecorded, absent from the recollections of modern media, and only acknowledged within the awareness of the collective conscience of compassion, the eternal force of love, the ineffable willingness to care about the oppressions of the uncared. The Mexican government is making profits off the diabolical selling of organs of victims murdered and kidnapped by the narcos. It is a multi-million dollar business of evil, with high  level politicians stuffing their pockets with these bills soaked in blood. It is said that every year, 45,000 children and youths are kidnapped in Mexico by criminal organizations. A great number of these are sold into sex slavery, but many others are killed and their organs taken and sold for a profit. While the Mexican government is attacking Donald Trump for his saying that a wall will be built on the border and Mexico is going to pay for it, you will never see the Mexican government doing anything of significance to stop the horrific abuse of Central Americans who enter Mexico through the Mexican-Guatamalen border.

Poor people from Guatamala, Honduras and other Central American nations, try to enter Mexico through the border where they will end up being vulnerable targets for cartels who kidnap them, sell them for sexual exploitation, murder them and sell their body parts. These victims, be they Mexicans or Central Americans, are not just killed for money, but for religious reasons as well. As we read in one report:

There have been isolated cases where it has been determined that organs, especially hearts and livers, have been extracted from children for the purposes of esoteric religious rituals linked to the cult of the so-called “Santa Muerte,” or Saint Death or Holy Death.

Dr. Fernando Lopez-Neblina, a surgeon working in a hospital in Mexicali, has said that Mexico’s attorney-general has never once even uncovered a single case of forced organ harvesting. The doctor stated:

“There have been indeed cases of kidnapping of children and adults where their organs have been extracted, but never for a transplant. These organs are removed just anywhere as if they were animals and are used for witchcraft. The Attorney General’s office has discovered the mutilated corpses of children in common graves, and I have seen corpses whose hearts, liver and other organs have been ripped out; these could never have been used for illegal trafficking”

This evil has gotten so bad in Latin America I had to make a documentary about it, called Hell Across The Border.  

This will be unlike any other documentary  done on the subject of the cartels and the narco cults that rule Mexico. Watch the trailer, spread it to everyone you know, your friends, your family, your churches, to everyone:

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