BREAKING: Melania & Barron Had No Idea What Was Coming After What BLM Leader Ordered Thugs To Do

While young Barron Trump is finishing out his school year, he and his mom are living in New York away from the White House, where they didn’t return to over the weekend. Instead, the stayed back in Manhattan without a clue of what was coming after what an anti-Trump Black Lives Matter leader ordered an army of thugs to do. Now the family and our president are under heightened security for a terrifying reason.

There is no shortage of violent, racist psychopaths within the BLM movement who will seemingly stop at nothing to go down in infamy as the hoodrat who took the winning shot at our nation’s leader. Now, a self-appointed leader of a certain pack of these rats by night and a preschool teacher by day is rallying up the racist troops with a specific plan of action that the First Lady and her son had no clue about until it was almost too late.

Armed with hate for our president and his family, an activist was heard abusing her megaphone to send out an all-thug alert in the ‘hood. Feeling powerful with her horn, she shouted a number of highly inflammatory demands, including for her fellow thugs to start “killing people,” and “killing the White House.” While she was at it, she also through in there that white people need to start handing over their possessions to blacks, Daily Caller reported.

“F*** white supremacy, f*** the U.S. empire, f*** your imperialist ass lives. That s*** gotta go,” she shouted. “And we need to start killing people. First off, we need to start killing the White House. The White House must die. The White House, your f****** White House, your f****** Presidents, they must go! F*** the White House,” she continued, feeling empowered by our former president to call for an assassination on our new white president and the deaths of his family without recourse.

White people and our president dying wasn’t enough for this racist preschool teacher, she also thinks she’s owed everything white people have as reparations. “White people, give your f****** money, your f****** house, your f****** property, we need it f****** all.”

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