BREAKING: Ken Starr’s Plane Just Disappeared On His Way To DC To Testify Against Hillary

Early this morning, Ken Starr, the lead prosecutor who helped congress impeach Bill Clinton, was on his way to Washington DC when his plane disappeared from radar.

The crash spot was just outside of Wilkershire, Maryland. The NTSB says the control tower from the Philadelphia airport has lost full contact with the plane just two minutes before the crash explosion and that without a significant development, reports are saying that all five people on board were killed. Starr was on Trey Gowdy’s witness program and he was supposed to appear before the congressman’s special investigative committee that has recently found itself investigating crimes from the 1990s.

Mr. Starr, who was completely entrenched with the Clintons and their nefarious deeds during the 1990s, would have proven useful in providing valuable testimony in the current case against Hillary Clinton. And now that he’s gone looks like we’ll never find out. Share this story, America needs to know!


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