BREAKING: Trump Calls On Retirees To Help Make Their Country Great Again

Shortly after President Trump took office, he formed a special council to find new and exciting ways to get the American people more involved in his number one goal in the Oval Office: making America great again. What they found was that sometimes progress doesn’t come from looking at the future and the youth of our nation.

 While studying the effects of the different living generations on American culture, the council concluded that it’s not millennials, generation X or children of the 80’s that have the greatest impact on society, it’s the few remaining members of the greatest generation that fought World War II and the  older of the Baby Boomers.

They are more responsible, more conservative, more conscientious and looked upon more favorably by those still working and the American voting block than any other generation in history. President Trump has devised a plan to work together with those retirees willing to help make their country great again.

 If you’re retired, your president will be asking for your help. The research shows that most Americans over 60 years old have strong faith in God. Whether Christian or Jew, older Americans tend to put their faith in something real rather than scientific theories that not even scientists can agree on. President trump is asking that if you’re a believer that you ask people to pray with you when you’re out in public. Whether in line at the supermarket or sitting in your local park, the people around you are in of salvation.The other thing you can do to help is to tell stories of times when America wasn’t so divided. Tell the youth of America about the 1950s, before divisiveness became normal. Tell those who grew up without a mom at home what it was like before raising children became a hassle rather than a privilege.

Last but not least, President trump would like for you to volunteer to give up 10 percent of your social security to help build our military back to what it was when you were a child. When the world respected and feared the US above all others.

Democrats like to talk about how “the elderly” keep costing them elections and how until the “blue hairs” all die off we’re all doomed to have people like our president in office. Retirees aren’t “the elderly” and they’re not “blue hairs.” They’re the wisest of us all.

President Trump is also wise for recognizing this and asking these wonderful people for help.

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