BREAKING: Federal Court Bans CNN From White House Press Room

In the interest of truth and democracy, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled unanimously to remove CNN’s status as “free press” and therefore their access to the White House press room. While it is ultimately up to the president to decide which news outlets are and are not allowed in briefings, federal law also dictates that unjust or unreliable sources are not welcome inside government buildings with press credentials. That’s why you won’t find the Weekly World News taking questions from Sean Spicer.

 CNN, through their own bias and stupidity, has now been officially labeled “hyperpartisan fake news,” meaning they are no better than the liberal rags you’ll find all over Facebook. The decision comes from a lawsuit filed by a concerned citizen in Minnesota, Marge Litkenstein, whose opinion of Barack Obama was always favorable until she stopped watching CNN and started hearing the truth from reputable sources like Fox News, Breitbart and The Gateway Pundit.

The lawsuit stated that Litkenstein was just one of many disenfranchised Americans whose world-view couldn’t accurately be measured and whose votes were most likely compromised because of unfair reporting against Republican candidates, President Trump in particular. Marge confirmed that she did, in fact, vote for Hillary Clinton, as her blindness to the truth wasn’t rectified in time.

 The court wrote:

When the will of the people is compromised by false reporting from the press, those outlets no longer deserve the access and protection afforded to reputable news organizations. The unfair and biased reporting against our president is the direct result of corruption in the system trying to take away free will and hand it to the leftist agenda. The country needs to stand behind its president.

The fifth circuit is considered one of the most conservative and fair in the country. All three of the judges were on the short list of appointees for the Supreme Court.

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