Obama In Hiding After Former Secret Service Agent Outs Him in Wiretapping Claim

Suspicion is surrounding former President Obama’s silence after Trump’s wiretapping accusations.

From freedomdaily:

Ever since Trump became president, Obama has been behind the scenes doing everything he can to cause massive chaos. But setting up a shadow government and training his violent minions to take out Trump through his group Organization For Action (OFA) has just been the beginning of Obama’s subversion tactics. Over the weekend, we’ve learned that Obama secretly tapped Trump’s phone throughout the 2016 presidential election in order to spy. But unfortunately for Obama, his antics are about to blow up in a huge way after his former Secret Service agent just came forward with a huge bombshell, sure to tighten the screws even more on Obama’s self-inflicted scandal.

fter retiring as a Secret Service agent where he served under both George W. Bush and Obama, Dan Bongino has become a well-known political pundit and conservative author. He’s become infamous for dropping bombshells on Obama in the past, so when news broke over the weekend about #ObamaGate, Bongino immediately jumped on social media to make some very disturbing revelations.

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