BREAKING: What Obama Was Just Caught Secretly Doing To Trump Could Land Him IN PRISON For 20 Years


 Over the past several weeks, we have learned of Obama’s intricate plot to take down President Trump, after it was revealed that he is the leader behind Organization For Action (OFA), a violent group whose stated mission is to “resist” Trump at all costs necessary. But as Obama trains his tens of thousands of little minions in violent Saul Alinsky tactics and sets up his shadow government, it looks like the former president’s cockiness might just be his downfall. What Obama was caught doing is so illegal, that it could land him 20 years behind bars according to the following breaking report.
Despite being a “Constitutional scholar,” it looks like Obama must’ve been high on crack the day that his Harvard professor was giving a lecture about a little thing called  “sedition,” which carries quite a hefty consequence should any American be caught engaging in it. And with evidence mounting that Obama is in fact trying to actively overthrow our government, U.S. code 2384 could prove to be quite an unfortunate little detail for Obama, since he could be smacked with 20 years in prison for breaking it. Check it out:
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If Obama is deliberately working to overthrow the government, as reported, he could face 20 years in prison.

Don’t think that Obama is guilty sedition? Think again. Yesterday it was reported how Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood ex-senior advisor Valerie Jarret is moving into Obama’s house (aka nerve center) just a mere two miles from the White House in order to help him build momentum behind his insurgency against President Trump. Former Attorney General Eric Holder even validated this plot on Tuesday, publicly stating that Obama is in fact trying to take Trump down, saying the former president is now returning to Washington as a full time political operative.

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