BREAKING: Massive Congressional To Be Launched Against Obama… Do You Approve?

GOP Lawmaker is calling for an investigation into the deal that Obama made with Kenya.

 Fox News reports that the North Carolina congressman, Ted Budd, is calling for an investigation into the $418 million contract between Kenya and a major American defense contractor. This deal was made on Obama’s last day in office.

Republican Rep. Ted Budd wants the Government Accountability Office to investigate a deal between Kenya and L3 Technologies for the sale of 12 weaponized border patrol planes. He said he wants to know why a veteran-owned small company in North Carolina – which specializes in making such planes – was not considered as the manufacturer.

In addition, the small company, called IOMAX USA Inc., offered to build the planes for an even smaller price than their competitors, L3.

“Something smells wrong here,” Budd told Fox News. “The U.S. Air Force bypassed IOMAX, which has 50 of these planes already in service in the Middle East.”

“They were given a raw deal,” Budd said of Kenya, which had requested from the U.S. 12 weaponized planes in its fight against terrorist group Al-Shabaab near its northern border.

 “We want to treat our allies like Kenya fairly,” he said. “And we want to know why IOMAX was not considered.”

It is true that Obama has done a lot of awful things during his term, but this might be one of the worst. Instead of giving the money to a veteran, he gave the deal to a big corporation. My guess is he had some sort of deal with them, that’s why he gave the deal to them.

Whatever the case is, President Trump needs to look into this immediately!

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