BREAKING: 6 House Democrats Commit Treason Against President Trump

Six members of the House of Representatives are being investigated for treason for inciting an uprising against President Trump from within a government office. The congressmen, who are from the Democrats For American Socialism caucus, violated federal statute 4701 under title 18, subsection 103 when they put assumed control of several liberal terrorist groups hell-bent on ending Trump’s presidency.

 The statute, which calls the acts of government officials against their own constituents treason, was expanded by executive order 683067D14 shortly after Trump took office to include “or their president” in the language. In other words, you can’t incite riots and form gangs of thugs to tear up America because you disagree with President Trump.

Attorney Gabe Bashir, who represents Rep. Jon Hillman (D-Rhode Island), told CNN that the group was forming protests in their own districts after holding town hall meetings where they determined their constituents were unhappy with Trump. “They aren’t violent people, they’re just typical citizens with signs and a purpose,” said Bashir, “they aren’t looking to hurt anyone.”

 Unfortunately, that’s what they always say until the paid rioters on the Soros payroll are added into the mix and the paid “counterprotesters” who are supposedly Trump supporters but are really just more actors looking to start fights come into play. We’ve all seen these so-called liberal “protests.” The people who organize them aren’t just acting against their president, which is illegal, they’re pushing other people to help do their dirty work. How long will it be before Trump has to call for martial law to keep our streets safe?

If charged and convicted, all six congressmen face life in prison without parole. If their gangs end up killing someone or become an eminent threat to our democracy by causing harm to our president, that sentence could be increased to death by firing squad.

Along with Rep. Hillman, Rep. Susanna Hawkins (D-Delaware), Rep. Dean Blackman (D-New York), Rep. Lawrence Tyrion (D-Virginia), Rep. Joanne Glazier (D-Florida) and Rep. George Nelson (D-New Jersey) are all facing intense investigations and charges against them. President Trump has suspended their right to vote in the chamber until the investigation concludes.

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