BREAKING: Trump Just Took A HUGE Bite Out Of Inner City Crime

President Trump has made good on yet another campaign promise by making our inner cities safer for residents and law enforcement. Through a series of executive orders, Trump has given the police more power to do their jobs while also making sure that criminals pay big league for their crimes.

 The first order, EO18978265, states:

Whereas law enforcement must be able to properly do its job, all restrictions previously referred to as “racial profiling” are hereby lifted in all ares where minorities are more than half of the population. This is a matter of safety, not race.

If police in a community with a half black population aren’t allowed to pull over or pat down the black people because of their skin color, how are they supposed to focus their attention on the criminals? Liberals will somehow figure out a way to call this racist or unfair.

 The next order deals with the enforcement and punishment of crimes. EO18978266 states:

Whereas crime is more prevalent in certain urban areas, punishmen for crimes committed in those areas is hereby tripled. A crime that carries a one-year sentence will heretofore carry a 3-year sentence when committed in high-crime neighborhoods.

This is great news. Police will be able to put thugs away for long periods of time for committing little to no crime, making the streets safer. Some would say that this kind of policy would open the door for white crime to rise, but since we’ve only seen a 1000 percent rise in minority crimes since Obama declared them all saints and then abandoned them, wouldn’t that somewhat level it out? Plus, white people committing crimes won’t spend as much time in jail, so they’ll be able to rehabilitate themselves quicker and reduce the risk of becoming career criminals.

This is a win for all Americans.

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