AMAZING! Watch The 60 Second Clip Of Mike Pence’s Speech That Made Trump FALL TO HIS KNEES!

Last night, our Vice President took the stage at CPAC and gave one of the most incredible speeches in history!

He reminded us of who we are as Americans and that we can NEVER give up the fight for what is right.

There was one point in his speech that was especially powerful when Mike Pence shared a personal moment from when he took his oath of office.

When he swore on the bible, he opened up the book to the very same verse that President Reagan did in 1981. Mike Pence read the verse to the crowd and silenced the entire room.

“If his people who are called by his name will humble themselves and pray, he will do like he has always done, he will hear from heaven and he will HEAL THIS LAND.”

“This one nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all!” Pence added.

I am so proud to have Mike Pence as our Vice President! He is a man of faith, honor and courage and he loves this country with all of his heart!

Please share this video and his powerful message! America needs it now more than ever!!

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